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Bringing you good news stories from Armourguard

Celebrating our Women in Security on International Women’s Day

Tue, March 08, 2022

Today is International Women’s Day, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to celebrate our women and share their experiences being a female in the security industry. Read their stories below:

Marilyn Place, Northern Regional Manager based in Hamilton

My job involves overseeing Armourguard’s Northland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty businesses, and supporting managers in their operations and sales roles. I have come a long way since starting in a human resources and training job at Armourguard 23 years ago. Over the years I moved up the ladder, firstly managing a small department in Auckland before moving to Hamilton to run Armourguard’s branch there. I then stepped up to take on the Wellington Branch Manager’s role, which gave me the necessary experience and skills for my current Northern Regional Manager role.

The security industry has changed a lot over the years and that has worked to women’s advantage. It was a much tougher environment in the 2000s because the focus at that time was on brawn rather than brains. Unsurprisingly, very few women worked in frontline security roles at that time.  But that has changed with Armourguard’s move to a far more ambassadorial, customer-focused approach. These days, most clients don’t want a heavy standing at the door. Instead, they want friendly, caring guards who make the visitors’ experiences as pleasant as they can be, so that they will return. This suits women well, which has encouraged more of them to work in the security field. What’s more, we are an equal opportunities employer, which means security people are paid the same no matter what their gender is, and all have the same training and career development opportunities.

Ultimately there’s something for everyone no matter who they may be and what they may want from their security career. There are development opportunities for those who would like to stretch themselves. But by the same token, there are also quieter, behind the scenes roles for those who want to do a great job without the pressure of dealing with the public or growing their career.


Fleur Murdoch, Guard Operations Support (Christchurch)

I started as a guard in 2018 and not long after that got brought in to train as a supervisor. Before I knew it, the roster person left so I started taking care of that as well, then was trained for payroll. These days I also help with recruitment, liaise with freedom campers and fill in for static guard and patrol work where needed. When I started doing the roster I was quite daunted by it because at the time we had some big, complex contracts and I never thought I’d be able to organise it all. But I did and it showed me the value of keeping an open mind and how a job isn’t always as scary as you think.

A lot of women are put off applying for security work, maybe because they don’t know that they are capable of doing it, or maybe they don’t feel safe. In my experience, people probably respond better to female security officers than they do with males. For example, I’ve visited gang houses when noise complaints have been made and have found I often get a lot of respect simply because I’m a woman who has the courage to knock on their door.

I would encourage more women to work in security and encourage them to keep an open mind because it isn’t as scary as you might think it is. If you show people respect then they will show it back to you. What’s more, as I have found, there’s room to grow. So much so, that I am currently training to do my NZQA Level 3 security certificate and am also doing assessor training for that qualification.


Pritika Naidu, Human Resources Manager (Head office)

My job as Armourguard’s Human Resources (HR) manager involves providing employment relations advice and support to the senior leadership team and regional managers. I have held three roles since starting here in September 2017. I originally started as the Health & Safety advisor, and last year was promoted to HR Manager.  In some ways my story is the story of women in the security industry because there are plenty of opportunities for career advancement in a big company like Armourguard.

Not only are more and more women are coming into security, but the training and career opportunities helps to give others the confidence to also work in this field. As a result, I have noticed more women in senior leadership, regional management and operational management roles across the company in both Security and Cash.

Even though the nature of the industry means there always will be more males than females, I have never experienced any downsides of being in a predominantly male workforce.  In fact, it’s a bonus to be working with such a diverse bunch of people from different age groups, cultures and experiences.

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Farewell Steve!

Thu, December 23, 2021

It going to be a case of Christmas Leave with a capital “L” for Taranaki Regional Manager, Steve Jury. That’s because he will be leaving for good due to retiring, after 14 years with the company.

“I’m really looking forward to chilling out and catching a few waves over the summer, not to mention dealing to all of those home maintenance jobs at my place and also for my daughter.”

During his time with Armourguard, Steve built up the branch from being one of Taranaki’s smallest security providers, to nowadays being its largest. Steve says there have been many changes in the security industry since he joined in early 2008.

“Back in those days our branch mostly did static guarding and mobile patrols but nowadays we do a lot of health and safety work for clients.  That has ramped up even more now that Covid vaccination passes have come into force.”

Until Covid the branch also did a lot of event security work, which has taken a hit over the past 18 months but is slowly starting to bounce back. One such event – the Rugby World Cup – really stood out for Steve.

"It happened in my first year in the business and it was a huge undertaking to provide full security and traffic management for several Cup games in Taranaki. Not only did we have to provide around 100 security people – a big challenge for a small branch like ours - but we also needed to train them in conjunction with the NZ Rugby Football Union. It was a major undertaking but an exciting and enjoyable one,” he says.

Steve is happy knowing he is leaving Armourguard’s Taranaki region in great hands.

“We have an excellent operations, administrative and frontline team here, with many of our people having been with the company a long time. What’s more, we also have some long-term customers who we have a strong working relationship with.”

He has already started handing the reins over to the new regional manager, Maria Setu.  The Taranaki local joined Armourguard in early December, having managed a local labour hire company.

“Not only does she know the region well, but Maria also has excellent local business contacts. This includes her having provided labour hire services to a number of Armourguard’s local clients, so she is off to a great start with us because she knows them already.”

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Glowing Reviews

Thu, December 23, 2021

A contractor visiting the Taranaki’s Pohokura well site was very impressed with how our guard Brenton Peterson managed the sign-in process. Brenton is currently working at the Pohokura oil and gas infill project site managing all contractors and staff in line with level 2 plus Covid requirements. The visiting contractor showed his appreciation by writing a glowing review in a health and safety form, saying:

“It was great to see a nightshift security guard going out of his way to make the sign in process as fast as possible while it was raining. Being a security guard is a thankless job at times and we should be thankful to have such a positive group of people at the gate.”

Taranaki Regional Manager Steve Jury says that great feedback will be included with health and safety reports that go back to the site’s management, so it’s not only a big tick for Brenton but for Armourguard too.

But that’s not the only great feedback given to Brenton, who recently spent considerable time providing security for staff and visitors at one of the Taranaki DHB’s vaccination centres. On several occasions visitors complemented him for his friendly and helpful assistance during their visit to get vaccinated.  Brenton’s work is a great example of our company values of “customer focus” and “performance” – well done!

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Amazing bravery following armed offender alert

Thu, December 23, 2021

Palmerston North Hospital guards Arthur Simon, Wayne Casey and Te Arawa Ratana were recently commended for their selfless dedication and bravery following a Police alert that one armed gunman, possibly two, were en route to the Palmerston North Hospital, intent on killing and injuring as many people as possible. Without hesitation these three security officers responded to the call to prepare for gunmen’s arrival. Armed police officers were on site seconds later, underlining the threat’s serious nature.

After police arrested a man, Wayne stayed to protect the hospital’s emergency department while Arthur and Te Arawa patrolled the entire grounds and wards, warning staff to stay inside. Armed Police maintained a cordon around the hospital campus until Arthur and Te Arawa confirmed no further suspicious activity on site.

A hospital manager later wrote: “Never before have I worked with civilians who have acted so readily and selflessly to protect others and I would like acknowledge them for their courage.

“Fortunately, further investigation by Police indicated the male was not armed and was acting alone, but that does not belittle the actions of Arthur, Te Arawa and Wayne, who were not aware of these facts at the time they acted above and beyond the normal duties expected of a Security Officer.”

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Keith saves a life

Thu, December 23, 2021

A tragedy in the making had a happy ending when Security Officer Keith Forster saved a young woman from serious injury or death near an Auckland railway station.

He was on duty in the early hours of 7 December when he noticed the woman behaving erratically on an overhead footbridge. Concerned, he approached her and engaged in conversation, where it became clear that the young woman was in a suicidal state of mind.  So, he continued to engage with her while calling emergency services for assistance. But before they arrived, the woman climbed on top of the footbridge’s safety rails, so Keith leapt into action and pulled her back off the ledge the safety. He kept hold of her and reassured her until emergency services got there.

Saving a life in the course of one’s duties is the highest achievement any security guard can achieve. Keith has been recognised by being awarded the Armourguard General Manager’s commendation in recognition of his dedication, quick thinking and professionalism.

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Investing in our Cash business

Thu, December 23, 2021

Covid lockdowns may have made for a tough couple of years for our Cash business, but Armourguard continues to invest heavily in its future.

We have some significant projects underway to upgrade our cash management and processing software and machines, and also to buy 16 new cash vans and import them from Germany. We have also launched a secure customer cash portal so customers can order their cash online rather than by email or fax, and track their orders through to delivery.

It has been a very busy time that has involved many late night and early morning meetings for members of the various project teams, to analyse the options, user test, and train cash floor, cash management and CIT / FLM people on how to use the various upgrades. Thanks to all concerned for your hard work! It is going to help put our Cash business in a strong position for the coming years.

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Congratulations Monica!

Thu, December 23, 2021

A big congratulations to Monika Timu for winning the NZ Security Association’s Security Officer of the Year award.  It’s the second year running an Armourguard person has won this category.

Monika, who is a highly respected guard at Wellington’s Queensgate shopping centre, had helped with 63 separate events at the centre in the year leading up to the award. The events ranged from comforting a dying man following a brutal assault over a parking space, to assisting an elderly woman who was suffering a cardiac event. The woman’s daughter later travelled from Auckland to meet Monika and thank her. She said health professionals told her the particular issue her mother was suffering was made worse by stress and that Monika’s calming presence stopped her condition worsening and literally saved her life.

But Monika’s empathy and consideration didn’t stop there. During two events that required hospitalisations, she kindly took the initiative to ensure the people’s vehicles didn’t incur fines.

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Thu, December 23, 2021

Members of Armourguard’s Hawke’s Bay and Palmerston North teams along with General Manager Shamus O’Halloran recently helped spread some Christmas cheer to Napier and Hastings children in need. They joined other volunteers to help pack more than 2000 gift sacks for the A Children’s Christmas charity event. It’s the third year in a row that Armourguard people have helped out and the company has been a supporting sponsor.

It was a great day and fortunately threatening rain held off and Hawke’s Bay turned on a stunning day for the event.

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Meet the Champion-Samuels Whanau

Mon, September 06, 2021

We like to think of the Armourguard team as being one big whānau but working here is literally a family affair for some. Sherry Champion-Samuels and her husband Kim Samuels both work as a casual Security Officers in Wellington. They both have main jobs in other industries but do a bit extra at Armourguard to top up their incomes over the summer, so they can enjoy skiing in the winter.

Last year they were joined by their daughter Morgan (also known as Rhianna), after she finished her degree. Morgan works flexible part-time hours as a Security Officer.
Sherry says the family had not intended to work together; it just happened that way.

“Working together is great because it’s easy to co-ordinate, we keep an eye out for each other and back each other up. We have a friendly competition on to see who can confiscate the most booze per shift!”

Sherry notes the family was asked early on whether they thought they would act professionally if someone gave one of them a hard time. That was put to the test when a drunk patron got aggressive to Rhianna. Sherry was quick to provide back-up but did that in a professional way without flying into over-protective mother mode!

#family #whanau #security #nz

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Appreciation post

Wed, August 25, 2021

A little appreciation post to this amazing lady, Karen Tahere, who helped a customer out of a tricky situation.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Karen from security who helped me out today when someone blocked my car in in the carpark. She went out of her way to help me out and I couldn’t thank her enough. Karen made me have a good laugh while she waited by my car in rain. Thank you so much, I really appreciate how Karen helped me out”.

Well done Karen for your dedication and professionalism, and showing our customers our values of Customer Focus, Performance and Responsibility!

#customerservicechampion #security #exellence

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Teamwork Plus at the Bledisloe Cup

Fri, August 20, 2021

Last weekend we had the opportunity as a management team to work with our frontline staff across the Auckland Transport Train and Bus network during the All Blacks and Wallabies Bledisloe Cup decider. Even our General Manager, Shane O’Halloran pictured below with two of our staff members (Shinal Chauhan, H&S Officer, and Peggy Bonnar, Shane's Shift Supervisor) and a member of the public, got out on the frontline action.

“The game event was a fantastic opportunity to see how Auckland Transport and Armourguard work together to provide a safe, friendly and seamless transition for pedestrian public on foot using Auckland’s public transport network."

9Whilst his shift time meant he was positioned on the Britomart train station the entirety of the rugby match, the smiles and laughter from the returning crowd confirmed to him the All Blacks had won the match, some passengers even stopping to chat about the game! Well done to our Armourguard frontline officers for contributing to keeping our city and communities safe!

#security #safety #community

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Celebrating Cook Island Language Week!

Fri, August 20, 2021

What a beautiful message we received from Jaime-Lee at Auckland Council on one of our amazing guards John Te Paki (Papa John), celebrating Cook Island Language Week:

"Thank you for allowing John Te Paki (Papa John) to wear his Cook Island shirts across Cook Island Language Week. It had such a positive impact on security and customer interactions...
I also wanted to share with you the role he played during our big celebration on Mon 02 August, because really... without his aroha for our community it wouldn't have been the success that it was. John was our MC for our big event held for local ECEs and our community. With his knowledge of the reo and his faith, he opened the week long events with prayer and korero. Not only did he MC our event, but he brought whanau to play music for our festivities that got everyone's hips and knees going. Papa John linked us with a Cook Island Mama to make delicious donuts for our tamariki, and his wife made sure the team looked every bit the part by lending us ei katu. It was an awesome morning. He is a champion of the reo, and greets us all with a huge smile and a beautiful "popongi manea" every day."

Well done John on the excellent customer feedback!

#security #customerservice #overandabove #cookislandlanguageweek #community

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Smooth Site Security

Wed, August 18, 2021

Gate security checks can cause bottlenecks during busy times, but not so at the Taranaki site looked after by our long-serving senior guard Ken Douglas. He’s doing such a great job that our client wrote to say how impressed they are.
Ken is responsible for managing all contractors and personnel at the site’s main entrance gate, updating the site’s visitor management board and conducting alcohol checks for all site visitors.
His well-organised and helpful approach is appreciated by site visitors and management alike – so much so that one of the managers wrote to say:

“Ken has been doing a fantastic job on site…He is always on time, great with the team on site and isn’t scared to shout up when something isn’t right, or he needs help with something. I have received positive feedback from management about him also. The morning rush can be chaos, but Ken processes us all through the gate and there is never a queue out the gate, or car horns honking to open the gate.”

Congratulations, Ken, for so wonderfully showing our values in action – Customer Focus, Performance and Responsibility!

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Meet Stu Kete, Security Officer at Te Puna Waiora

Thu, August 12, 2021

By Kelly Loney, Taranaki District Health Board Communications Advisor

Te Puna Waiora fits with Stu’s strengths. He loves his job. “I like meeting people, listening to people and helping people. I get on well with people,” Stu says. It’s clear Stu has a big heart and is proud of his work, and even though patients are mentally unwell, they remember his name. Stu started at Te Puna Waiora (TPW) just before COVID-19 kicked in, when he moved to Taranaki from Waikato (Ngati Maniapoto), where he’s from.

Te Puna Waiora is a 30-bed unit at Taranaki Base Hospital, catering for the needs of people with acute mental illness. “After two days off, I can’t wait to get back in here – see who’s new, who’s back,” Stu says. Stu’s part of a core group of security officers who work around the clock at TPW, covering the areas of mental health inpatients and outpatients, and the alcohol and drugs service.

Armourguard regional manager Steve Jury says “Stu is a long-serving, old-school security officer, who’s well regarded within the company”. He’s worked as a security officer since 1986, starting at Waikato Hospital on night security then transferring to Huntly Power Station. He’s run security for Mystery Creek Field Days, the Home and Garden Show and for seven years Stu managed more than 100 staff from Thames to Taumaranui, as operations supervisor with Armourguard.
In recent times, he took a year off to work at the Frankton Park brain injuries rehabilitation centre and thoroughly enjoyed it. The job satisfaction is in making a difference, he says.

He avoids conflict, and instead offers security with his presence. Sometimes Stu is called up to be a comforting face to call out “Kia ora whānau” reassuringly from the waiting room. Sometimes Stu’s calming company to “just sit alongside”.
Stu always introduces himself to new patients. “They’re unwell, but they still remember my name. They appreciate the time you give them. It doesn’t take much but it means a lot”. “You kōrero with them. Te Reo and lingo calms things down. Being a people person goes a long way, it makes your job easier. In this game, you need to be seen.”

Stu sums up the keys to being a security officer are having good communication and being able to multi-task. He’s dealt with gangs and challenging people, “and it’s all in the way you approach them”.
Although his partner’s keen for him to retire, Stu’s far from being ready to hang up his boots yet. “There’s only so much fishing I can do. It’s my home away from home here, I’ve got too much to do.”

#security #nz #taranaki

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Going Over and Above!

Wed, August 11, 2021

One of our Senior Supervisors Jae Pologa had the privilege of presenting one of our security ambassadors a certificate of recognition for her work at Highbury Shopping Centre.
This is Chaerin Kang, she is very passionate about her role as a security officer and loves to build relationships with the Centre’s visitors, especially children. She has been observed multiple times helping children in and around the centre, and is often appraised by the retailers for her prompt response when they are in need.
Well done Chaerin! Keep up the excellent work.

#security #nz #customerservice

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2021 NZSA Award Finalists

Thu, August 05, 2021

A massive congratulations to our finalists who will be attending this years The New Zealand Security Association awards. With over 120 nominations, they were selected as the 'best of the best'.
Our finalists this year are:

  • Shyla Aramoana, Outstanding Skills for Industry Employee of the Year
  • Angela Oldham, Patrol Officer of the Year
  • Monika Timu, Security Officer of the Year

We can't wait to celebrate with you, and are so incredibly proud of your achievements!

#NZSAawards2021 #winning #proud #security #armourguard

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Showcasing Security to the Next Generation

Mon, July 19, 2021

Rebecca Winikerei recently did an amazing job showcasing the security industry to a group of secondary school students. This came about after The NZ Security Association asked for a volunteer to talk to the students about their job.
Rebecca, who is a team leader at Palmerston North Hospital, was happy to share her experiences.

She did so well that the Association wrote to praise her efforts: “She did a great job and she allowed the students to try on her vest and they thought that was pretty cool. She had some great stories and advice to give and the students were really engaged with her.”

Hopefully some of these students will go on to have a career at Armourguard after they leave school.

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Supporting Pest Management in Northland

Thu, July 08, 2021

It was awesome to see our Whangarei Animal Management Manager Shaun Holland receiving an award at the Northern Regional Council Environmental Awards recently.
The award recognises individuals or groups who are committed to projects and activities that support pest management in Northland.

"I started Pest Free Peninsula Kaipara in 2017. It is a volunteer organisation which funds conservation in the Kaipara focusing on Peninsula and the unique habitat that they support. We currently trap on 5 peninsulas of Tinopai, Matakohe, Petley, Pahi and Te Pahi. We won the 2021 NRC Environment award for Environmental action in Pest Management".

Here is Shaun accepting the award at the event. Well done Shaun! We are proud of your achievement and your commitment to protecting native habitats and birds from predators!
#winning #pestfreepeninsula #protectingnativehabitats

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Customer Service Star!

Tue, July 06, 2021

Jennifer Pomare has been with Armourguard less than a year, but her personality and performance has made a huge impact on the community of Napier.
As the customer service star at the Napier Refuse Transfer Station, Jennifer puts her own positive spin on her interactions with both the Council and the Public. This has resulted in some excellent feedback to the Napier City Council in recent months. Cameron Burton the Manager of Environmental Solutions for the Napier City Council has been so impressed with the positive feedback they have received about Jennifer that he contacted our local Regional Manager Mike Clark stating, “I want to acknowledge her and give her a certificate this afternoon.”

The Napier Council have been really impressed with how Armourguard's team have been able to handle any extra requirements (most at short notice) that have been asked of them. This includes the Napier floods and the COVID19 lockdown. Rhett van Veldhuizen, Waste Minimization Lead stated “We know we can count on your team to help keep things running smoothly in challenging situations”. Well done Jennifer, thanks for doing us proud!

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Keeping traffic flowing

Mon, July 05, 2021

Armourguard have been contracted to manage the security for a re-vamped carpark at Taranaki District Health Board Hospital. The construction of this wing has caused a major change to hospital parking and our frontline team are on hand to assist visitors with the new parking requirements and ensuring our doctors and nursing staff have access to specific areas as required.

On the week we commenced our security duties, the weather was atrocious with several days of pouring rain which proved to be a huge challenge for visitors and our team. Katrina Maxwell (Kat) as pictured, developed an excellent traffic management system to keep traffic flowing, and keep visitors informed and happy. A senior hospital support worker was so impressed at Kats helpful and friendly manner that she took the time to phone our local management team in Taranaki to acknowledge this and, in her own words, stated that Kat was a credit to our company. Well done Kat for your hard work and excellent customer service!

#security #taranakihardcore #excellentcustomerservice

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Steps towards becoming a Living Wage Employer

Thu, July 01, 2021

Armourguard and our Partner Auckland Transport are pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2021 all Armourguard employees working on Auckland Transport sites will be paid the ‘Living Wage’ or higher.
General Manager of Armourguard Security, Shane O’Halloran says

“We applaud Auckland Transport’s dedication and commitment to helping us achieve this milestone that sees over 200 employees and their families financially benefit from this announcement. As a business, Armourguard is devoted to achieving better financial outcomes for our people as well as a more sustainable and healthy working environment. Improving our people’s work conditions is not just limited to financial remuneration, it includes an ongoing investment in further learning, development and career progression. I would like to thank Auckland Transport for their ongoing support and commitment to the living wage and better outcomes for our people”.

If you are looking for a role within the Security Industry we would love to hear from you. Find out about our training and development, the qualifications you can achieve, and your opportunity to progress a career in the NZ Security industry.
We have Full-time, Part-time and casual roles available. 

Checkout our careers page here for more info!

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Praising Excellent Customer Service!

Mon, June 28, 2021

Two of our guards at Papakura Train Station were recently recognised for their excellent customer services skills. Andrea Mulligan and Josiah Lowndes, who work on the Auckland Transport network, both received very positive feedback from members of the public this week.

Andrea, who has been with Armourguard for 7 years, works at the Papakura Park n Ride site, and received the following positive feedback from a regular user of the Papakura to Britomart

“I catch the train from Papakura each morning to Britomart. Based at the train station car park in Papakura is one of your static guards. I want to convey appreciation to her for her work. The hours this lady does are quite incredible. Rain or shine she is out and about, she is welcoming, chatty and friendly. She exudes every value of your company and takes her job seriously. Her work is mostly unseen but I wanted to highlight the good she is doing for your business but also for us as members of the public. A fantastic woman!”

Josiah, has been with Armourguard for the past 3 years (he is 21) and has worked at Papakura Train Station for all of that time. Josiah too, recently received a positive commendation
from one of the regulars there:

"I Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the security guard on duty at Papakura Station this morning. He's been helping Kiwirail Northern Explorer traveller’s onto the platform and has been cheery, welcoming and polite. Great work!"

Well done to both Andrea and Josiah! Your efforts are hugely appreciated and it was a privilege to present you with your Awards and vouchers.


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Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Thu, June 17, 2021

Members of Auckland team recently celebrated Samoan Language Week in fine style, thanks to husband and wife duo Felise Tamiano and Ursula Curry (pictured here). Both have very proud Samoan roots and – along with Samoan colleagues who work in Armourguard’s Auckland base namely – Operations, Welfare, Accounts Receivable and Cash - generously wanted to provide, prepare and cook a traditional Samoan meal as part of Samoan Language week.

All Auckland staff were invited, and around 40 people attended – several of whom joined Felise and Ursula in wearing traditional Samoan clothing. The lunch started with a traditional Samoan prayer followed by Samoan music and dancing while the meal was being eaten. It really was a lunch to remember and a true reflection of our workplace’s diversity.

#security #diversity #samoanlanguageweek

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We’re launching our Facebook page!

Thu, May 13, 2021

Win a trip for 2 to the beautiful Queenstown!

All you need to do is like our Facebook page, like the facebook post and tag the person you want to bring!

We will cover your return flights, 2 nights accommodation and rental car hire. T&C’s apply. 

Competition closes midnight Friday 28th May 2021


Competition Terms & Conditions

This Armourguard Promotion is offered subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

Who can enter?
Entry is only available to residents of New Zealand who are aged 18 years or older and hold a full drivers license.

How to Enter
1. Entrants must like and follow our Facebook page @armourguardnz
2. Entrants must like the competition post on Armourguard’s Facebook page
3. Entrants must tag 1 other person
3. The promotion ends midnight Friday 28 May 2021.
4. Winners drawn Tuesday 1st June 2021.

The Prize
The prize is a return trip for two to Queenstown including flights, accommodation for 2 nights and rental car hireage

Terms and Conditions
1. The total retail prize value is approximately $3,000 (NZD).
2. Travel dates are at the discretion of Armourguard and subject to flight and accommodation availability
3. The prize is available for use only by New Zealand residents over the age of 18.
4. The prize is not exchangeable for cash or other forms of credit and no refunds will be issued for the value of the prize if travel plans are cancelled or altered. All costs above the value of the prize including any change or cancellation fees are the responsibility of the winner.
5. Notification and claiming the Prize. Following the Prize draw, the winner will be notified via private Facebook message as well as a public Facebook post on our Facebook page. The winning Entrant has 48 hours from the time and date of the notification being sent to respond, provide proof of eligibility and claim the Prize. If the Prize is not claimed by the winning Entrant within this time frame, the Prize will be redrawn and any previous winners will forgo all claims to the Prize.
6. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking.
7. The prize cannot be gifted to another individual and must be claimed by the drawn winner.
8. Proof of age, residency and driver’s license (for rental car hireage) will be required to claim the prize.
9. Armourguard reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and at any stage during the promotion.

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Supporting NZ Masters

Wed, February 17, 2021

Our Whanganui Security team did a great job at the recent New Zealand Masters Games, which were held in Whanganui

It is the 32nd year that the games have been held, hosting more than 50 sports events and attracting more than 4500 competitors aged 18 to 95 plus!

The games alternate between Whanganui and Dunedin, so hopefully our Dunedin Security team will get to do the honours next year!

#securityguards #securityguardservices

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A Children’s Crhistmas

Tue, December 22, 2020

Armourguard has been a founding sponsor of A Childrens Christmas since the 2018  launch of an ambitious initiative aimed at making a difference to the lives of children experiencing hardship across New Zealand.  A Children’s Christmas Foundation was created in response to the alarming trend for child poverty in Hawke’s Bay, where an estimated 23% of Hawke’s Bay children live below the poverty line, with many of these children experiencing extreme hardship. The Foundation was created to make a difference to the thousands of Hawke’s Bay children who might not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas. Together with the generous support of other Hawkes Bay local businesses and the wider community the Foundation has so far given over 7000 Santa Sacks filled with sports gear and educational gifts for toddlers to teenagers. The Santa Sacks not only bring joy to kids on Christmas day, they really help families with the necessary items to make getting back to school easier.

 #LittleSmilesBigDifference #christmascheer #community

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Thank you for your long service!

Fri, December 18, 2020

Congratulations and a big "thank you" to our Auckland employee and contractor long service award recipients some of which celebrating 5 years through to 25 years! You've all done us proud over the years!

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Celebrating Diwali!

Fri, November 13, 2020

It was great to see some of our Auckland team members entering the Diwali spirit over a shared lunch. You all look amazing! Wishing all of our staff, customers and suppliers a very Happy Diwali.

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Recycling three tonnes of plastic!

Thu, October 15, 2020

Armourguard is delighted to be supporting a project that recycles used plastic cash deposit bags. The project has seen ASB bank team up with an innovative Waiuku based start-up to turn used deposit bags into environmentally friendly fence posts; a move expected to remove up to four tonnes of plastic a year from the waste stream.

Future Post makes fence posts from 100% recycled plastics that have a 50-year life expectancy and are certified compatible for organic farming.

Naturally, Armourguard is keen to support the project. Many of our clients have strong sustainability goals, and plastic is a common concern. we have already sent around three tonnes of plastic deposit bags to FuturePost – that’s equivalent to the weight of three rhinos! Working with ASB and Future Post means we can help address environmental issues, without compromising security.

#environmentalresponsibility #securitysolutions

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Supporting Breast Cancer Foundation

Tue, September 08, 2020

Our Christchurch Security and Cash teams had a great time getting in behind a recent breakfast fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only did they all look a-mazing, but they also raised an several hundred dollars for the cause.

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NZSA Awards 2020

Wed, August 19, 2020

We're delighted to let you know that Armourguard had yet another successful year at the NZ Security Association’s annual awards, winning two categories. A big congratulations to our winners Ben Carr (Cash Services Professional of the Year) and Anton Kritzinger (Security Officer of the Year). It is the second year in a row that one of our people has won the Security Officer award.

Anton won his award in recognition of the calm way he handled a dangerous incident on an Auckland bus, preventing harm to the driver from a violent individual.

As the Dunedin Transport Manager / Transport Supervisor, Ben Carr manages Cash in Transit for the bottom half of the South Island. Since taking over this role, he has made a massive difference to the CIT division. The quality of his work and commitment to providing a great service is such that he received NZSA Award nominations from more than one person.

For the full highlight video of our event, checkout the link below!


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Beyond the Call of Duty

Mon, June 15, 2020

Anton Kritzinger was so dedicated in protecting a bus driver from a violent male member of the public, that the Auckland Security Officer won the NZ Security Association Guardian Award.

The drama unfolded during a recent nightshift at the Mangere Town Centre Bus Station, when a man started abusing and threatening people whilst throwing shopping trollies onto the road. The situation escalated when he boarded an incoming bus and started to break seats and windows.

Anton acted quickly and placed himself between the aggressor and the driver to act as a human shield. Despite being spat upon, Anton stood his ground and controlled the man until police arrived. Due to COVID-19, the act of spitting on Anton was a very cowardly act, but Anton did not think of himself, only the safety of the driver and maintaining his professional approach. 

After the incident was resolved, Anton contacted Healthline and thankfully was subsequently cleared to return to work.

Anton's outstanding work was publically acknowledged by Auckland Transport Chief Executive Shane Ellison during a media interview, and the bus company has also sung his praises.

Congratulations Anton for going above and beyond the call of duty to manage such an incredibly difficult situation so successfully. Anton was presented with his award at the Armourguard head office in Wiri, where some members of Auckland Transport attended. Anton is standing with (from left) Allen McKinley (Armourguard Operations Controller), Maurice Banse (Auckland Transport (AT)), Rachel Freebairn (AT), Anton, Henry Hoglund (AT), and Rebecca Magee (Armourguard AT Account Manager).

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We are all in this together

Tue, April 14, 2020

New Zealand is now halfway through our country’s initial Level 4 lockdown period and the COVID-19 virus is continuing to dominate the news cycle, and no doubt everyone’s personal and professional conversations. Here at Armourguard we are no different. We are all in this together.

At Armourguard, we are leaning on our core values: Performance, Responsibility, Innovation and Customer Focus. These values guide our thinking and decision-making, and we test all our actions against them, because they will continue to be our core values for generations to come.

We draw on 80 years of experience in New Zealand helping our customers navigate through their most urgent and challenging situations.

Armourguard exists to protect our customers businesses and the communities we all work in, and help them manage through the most complex of challenges. There is no single formula for doing this, and the COVID-19 threat is unprecedented.

In a crisis, our customers and suppliers are not just arm’s length economic partners; they are flesh-and-blood communities facing the same issues as us. The solutions that keep us resilient are often found with our partners.  I want to thank all our partners who have and continue to work with us as we journey further into unprecedented times and challenges. 

Two things we know about crises from our experience: they are all different, and they all end. How they end for any business depends on the speed and quality of collective crisis management. We are all in this together.

Finally, a huge and extremely proud shout out to our One Armourguard whānau who are on the frontline every day and night providing essential services to New Zealand businesses and the public.

Whether it is keeping other essential service workers and public safe in hospitals, banks, aged care facilities, government departments and local body sites, COVID-19 community testing centres or ensuring New Zealanders have access to cash through our Banks extensive ATM networks and keeping the cash economy in New Zealand moving, our courageous and committed men and woman are there for the people of Aotearoa.

We are all in this together.

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Personalised security gets thumbs-up at Ons Dorp

Fri, November 15, 2019

Personalised security patrolling has proven very popular at New Zealand’s leading Dutch retirement and lifestyle village.

West Auckland’s Ons Dorp Village was established in 1983 to meet Dutch senior citizens’ retirement and cultural needs. These days it has around 200 residents from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. 

Armourguard has been providing patrol services to Ons Dorp since late 2019. In addition to doing daily and nightly patrol checks, our patrol officer personally introduces himself to two different resident households every day.

This gives them the chance to get to know who looks after security at Ons Dorp.  Importantly, it means they can also tell him if they have any security concerns.

General Manager Gary Williams says residents love being able to meet the person who is doing their security patrols.

“Community lies at the heart of Ons Dorp and friendly, personalised security helps to strengthen everyone’s sense of belonging and well-being.  Armourguard’s patrol officer is well-liked and people love knowing who he is and putting a name to the face,” says Gary.

Personal touch aside, Gary says he is also impressed with Armourguard’s high quality of service.

“Unlike our previous security company, we have found we can count on Armourguard to do what it says it will.”

This reliability is backed up by Armourguard’s Silvertrac real-time reporting system.  The patrol officer swipes a scanner at certain points during his rounds, enabling management to know exactly when – and where – he has been.

“Having Armourguard has been a very good experience for Ons Dorp. Their people are very pleasant to deal with, and open and empathetic to our needs,” says Gary.

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A ‘life long’ partnership

Mon, August 05, 2019

One of our longest-standing customers - Manawatu District Council – is like Armourguard in that its origins go back many decades, but the modern-day version was created in the 1980s.  So, it’s fitting that Armourguard has been taking care of the Council’s security since 1988 and after-hours noise control and smoke complaints since 1991.

Karel Boakes, the Council’s Regulatory Manager, has been managing the Council’s relationship with Armourguard in relation to noise and smoke complaints for the past 10 years and says she has always been impressed with the service provided.

“For the last 30 years the Council has continued to renew its noise control contract with Armourguard because the team have always been very responsive to our inquiries and issues.”

“I feel like Armourguard understands this business and is very knowledgeable about the service provided and the competency levels required,” says Karel.

Even though the nature of noise and smoke issues hasn’t changed much over the years, Karel says the Council – and therefore Armourguard – now deals with these complaints in a different way.

There’s now a stronger enforcement focus, particularly on repeat offenders.  This requires Armourguard’s noise and smoke complaints team to provide more detail when reporting on incidents so the Council can use the information for its enforcement processes.

As a result, there are now fewer repeat offenders: “They have obviously got the message that we are serious about enforcement!” she says.

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A Kiwi named Armourguard

Wed, January 16, 2019

Meet ‘Armourguard’, our youngest and cutest team member.

At only five days old when this photo was taken, the West Coast Wildlife Centre named the chick as a token of appreciation for our sponsorship support.

The wildlife centre, at Franz Josef, has an ‘Operation Nest Egg’ partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC) for the two most endangered kiwi species; the Haast tokoeka and the rowi

Operation Nest Egg’s purpose is to grow kiwi to 1 kg in weight, which is the size that they can defend themselves against their number one predator – the stoat.  Getting to this body weight takes between six and eight months. 

Kiwi eggs are brought to the wildlife centre by DOC, whose rangers monitor the birds in the wild and collect newly-laid eggs.  The centre then incubates the eggs, hatches the chicks and rears them indoors to four weeks of age.

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Security tip: How to deal with an agitated person

Fri, November 02, 2018

Frontline employees in higher-risk sectors are usually trained how to deal with potentially violent conflict situations, but every organisation is potentially at risk from agitated or upset employees, clients or members of the public.

Or it could be that you are caught up in a situation when on site at another organisation or even when out and about in a public space.

If the person is aggressive telephone Police on 111. Here are some other tips for diffusing tense situations and staying safe if things escalate:

1. Keep your distance

Maintain at least two arms’ length, if possible position yourself so there’s a barrier (e.g. desk) between you and the person.

2. Enable the person to leave

Ensure you are positioned in a way that enables them to leave the premises without needing to push past you.

3. Don’t play the hero

Never try and wrest a weapon off someone, or chase suspected shoplifters or criminals because you don’t know if they have accomplices nearby.  Instead, observe, take notes (immediately afterwards) and report to Police or security.

4. Be passive

Don’t make sudden movements, talk to, or stare at them.

5. Do what they ask

Don’t resist and remember, money and goods can be replaced but a life can’t.

6. Don’t touch anything the offenders may have touched

This could destroy or contaminate valuable evidence for the Police.

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800 good reasons to use a security patrol

Fri, November 02, 2018

Every night more than 150 Armourguard patrol people are out on the beat, protecting thousands of premises nationwide. They show how prevention is definitely better than cure, reporting an average of 700-800 incidents per month.

Veteran patrol officer Marty Wickham is typical of the team we have working hard for our security patrol clients.  In a recent one-month period he successfully intervened in six alleged burglary attempts.  Here’s one example, as conveyed in Marty’s incident report:

At approx. 0017 hours I arrived on site to do my check and noticed a push bike and what appeared to be some boxes near the fence line. I knew that someone was on site and called the police on *555.

I advised them of my findings and, while I waited for the police to arrive, I drove further forward to get out and take photos of the bike and check the boxes, which turned out to be a full backpack.

As I was doing this the alleged offender appeared at the fence, so I immediately called 111 and advised the Police of my situation.  I managed to detain him safely and disarm him of a pair of scissors I noticed in his pocket until arrival of Police units.

The man was arrested for unlawfully being on the property as well as a warrant to arrest for failure to appear. He is well known to Police for burglary and other offences and is quite active in the area at times.

Our patrol officers are all trained to take photos of suspicious activities at customer sites utilising our real time reporting technology Silvertrac, which is crucial for evidence gathering. In all six cases, Marty provided police with valuable photo and video evidence – including photos of the alleged offenders.

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Three wins at NZ Security Association Awards

Fri, November 02, 2018

What a great night we had at the recent NZ Security Association Awards, scooping three wins.

Congratulations to our people Ashley Burkhart (Auckland) and Alysha Smith (Christchurch), who were joint winners of the Security Specialist of the Year Award and Felise Tamiano (Auckland), who won the Senior Supervisor/Operations Manager of the Year Award.

Congratulations also to Kathryn Cogan (Whangarei) and Mereane (Tee) Leaegalesolo (Auckland) for making it to the finals of the Security Administrator of the Year award.

Our wins topped off a great effort by Armourguard people across the company. More than 30 were initially nominated for an award, and 15 award entries were submitted.

Apparently, the Security Association received an impressive 90 nominations in all, with some categories having over 10 nominations, so the competition this year was ultra-hot! We therefore did well to get five finalists and three winners.

This year’s award success shows that our values are alive and well in Armourguard and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our people’s excellent customer focus, performance, responsibility and innovation.  That is what really counts and winning three NZSA Award wins was simply the icing on the cake!

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How to deal safely with a non-violent conflict situation

Fri, July 06, 2018

Conflicts with employees, customers or members of the public can happen anywhere at any time.  Our frontline personnel are trained in how to diffuse conflict and prevent a situation from escalating to violence – or worse.

Here are some of their methods that you can use if you ever find yourself in a conflict situation and there isn’t an Armourguard security officer nearby:

The key is to keep calm and be polite.  You can do this by:

  1. Adopting a non-threatening stance
    Your body language is an important part of your communication with the person.

  2. Politely acknowledge their emotions
    E.g. “I can see you are upset/angry/disappointed”) and let them know you are willing to help.

  3. Engaging them and getting them thinking logically (rather than emotionally) by asking questions
    E.g. “When did this happen?”.

  4. Clarify facts rather than assuming you understand what they mean
    E.g. “Just to check I have understood you correctly, please confirm the following happened…”.

  5. Calmly dealing with the person’s emotions if they keep reappearing
    E.g. “I can see/hear/feel your frustration”.

  6. Exploring options to resolve any dispute and then specifying what will then happen

  7. Thanking them for their time speaking with you
    If appropriate, report the incident to the Police when safe to do so.  Police may still need to attend and deal with the situation/person, so ensure all information is accurate and relevant.

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Preventing Employee Fraud and Theft

Fri, July 06, 2018

Did you know that employees can pose the biggest theft and fraud threats to an organisation – often more so than customers or burglars?  Surprisingly, the worst offenders can be employees who seem to be the hardest-working and most trustworthy. Here are five ways to help prevent employee dishonesty:

  1. Foster a workplace culture that encourages honest behaviour
    Treating employees well, providing a pleasant working environment and fostering a good rapport between employees and management will help to create a positive attitude towards the organisation and decrease the likelihood vengefulness or indifference towards inappropriate behaviour. Make employees aware that they have a shared responsibility to help prevent theft and fraud and show zero tolerance towards any kind of dishonest behaviour.
  2. Be ever-vigilant
    Always keep security top-of mind and never assume that any employee is above suspicion - even if they have worked for the company for a long time, are very helpful and kind, are hardworking, are close to your family, etc. 

    Warning signs can include employees in a position of trust who regularly come in on their days off, refuse to take leave, regularly stay on until after everyone else has left, appear to be living beyond their means, is reluctant to give others access to financial, stock or other records. Keep accurate, up-to-date cash flow records, stock balances, stores and equipment levels.  Doing this, along with using an independent auditor regularly (but at irregular times), will help to deter would-be fraudsters / thieves and will quickly identify if something is amiss.

  3. Develop security policies and protocols and regularly communicate them
    Regularly remind employees of security policies and protocols that apply to them.  For example, requirements to check refunds with management, review daily transactions, strict controls around price over-rides, etc.

  4. Minimise opportunities to commit fraud or theft
    Limit access to computerised records, the safe, keys and alarm codes. Also, consider changing locks and access codes if an employee is asked to leave their job through misconduct. Change safe combinations six-monthly and also after the termination of someone who had access to the safe. Provide an easy, confidential means for employees to report illegal or suspicious behaviour.

  5. Actively enforce protocols around recruitment, vetting (permanent and temporary employees) and employee malpractice
    Good vetting practice includes: checking CVs; requiring proof of qualifications; following up with referees and, where appropriate, past employers.  Also do police checks, credit checks and, where appropriate, drug tests.

What to do when you suspect or have evidence that an employee has been stealing

It is important to act quickly and decisively if you suspect or have evidence that an employee has been stealing.  Ignoring the problem will not make it go away; it will only make it worse.  It also sends the wrong message to other employees.

There are many potential pitfalls in managing this type of situation, so the best course of action is to seek legal advice and involve the Police.

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Business North Harbour’s eyes and ears

Fri, July 06, 2018

Less theft from cars, fewer burglaries, no damaged street signs, less graffiti.  These are some of the many benefits Business North Harbour's members have enjoyed from nightly security patrols in their area.

Business North Harbour is a business improvement district within Auckland City's North Shore. Its members range from retailers and restaurants, to warehousing and distribution - and everything in between.

Dave Loader, Business North Harbour's crime prevention specialist, says Armourguard patrols the area around six hours a night, at random times. 

"We are committed to keeping our members, their businesses and their customers safe and secure and we won't let up on doing what is necessary to prevent crime," he says.

This commitment has paid off, resulting in significantly less crime in the area since the nightly patrols began. 

"Our members really appreciate this and want the patrols to continue," says Dave.

However, it's not just about providing a security presence; Armourguard's Patrol team are pro-active, reporting problems such as rubbish and potential security threats like open windows or gates at premises, blown street lights, etc.

"Armourguard are our eyes and ears, reporting these things to me and providing solution suggestions so that I can promptly follow up with members and let them know."

As an Armourguard patrol customer, Business North Harbour can access our 'Silvertrac' reporting portal for real-time information every aspect of the patrol service.  Dave also gets a daily report by email, something he finds very useful.

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Business protection advice for the Silly Season

Thu, December 21, 2017

The Christmas / New Year rush has begun and now, more than ever, security matters for all businesses – particularly retailers and other consumer-facing ones.  Here are some things you can do to protect your people, property and profits.

Review your opening and closing procedures: It is essential to have structured opening and closing procedures, particularly at times of the year when you have extra cash on site and some staff finishing work later than usual.

When opening, look at the surroundings before approaching your premises. Ask yourself if there is anything out of the ordinary (for example, occupied car/s parked at an unusual time or place).  If in doubt, keep out then go to a safe place and call security or police.

When closing, leave as a group or have a buddy system with other nearby businesses. Check that staff park vehicles in a high-visibile, well-lit place, rather than somewhere dark and remote.  Consider arranging transport home for employees who work late nights.

Review emergency evacuation procedures: Review all emergency evacuation procedures to ensure they are up-to-date.  Get all employees – even longstanding ones – to re-familiarise themselves with the procedures.  Don't assume that just because someone has read the procedures, that they will understand or remember what to do. Check by asking them to describe the procedures.  This will quickly identify any knowledge gaps.

Consider holding annual emergency simulation sessions to ensure people remember what to do.

Restrict access to staff-only areas: Sneaky thieves and other criminals will take any opportunity to get out the back and steal personal property, stock and what's in the safe. Ensure that doors to these areas are controlled and deny requests from people asking to gain entry to use the toilets (or any other excuse).

Check all fire exits, loading docks, and other access points are secure, that the locks are in good working order and access is controlled. If the doors are controlled by timers, ensure these have been altered to reflect the closure and stop doors opening automatically when the premises are closed.

Regular security patrols: Arranging a regular security patrol of your site provides peace-of-mind for employees. It also acts as a deterrent for those tempted to seize a perceived opportunity, as well as those who have criminal intent.

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A new way of keeping people - and dogs - safe

Fri, November 17, 2017

Most dogs live up to their reputation as mans' best friend, but having around 10,000 registered and numerous unregistered dogs in the Whangarei district means there is plenty of scope for things to go wrong – for people and dogs alike.

Armourguard's Whangarei branch has taken on a leadership role in promoting dog safety and responsible dog ownership in its local community to help ensure that every dog-human interaction is a positive one.

Armourguard also manages Whangarei and Kaipara District Councils' dog registration, dog control, pound and animal control services.

"In the past, our involvement with dogs most likely involved our security officers keeping well clear of them when going on to premises," laughs Whangarei branch manager Warwick Taylor.  "Now we have specialist dog management educators and dog control officers, and also two dogs – Scrappy and Diesel – as honorary team members!"

These canine helpers play a starring role in a new programme that Armourguard is rolling out to Whangarei and Kaipara primary schools in conjunction with www.kidssafewithdogs.co.nz.

Children are taught how to keep themselves safe around dogs – an important skill given that the incidence of dog bites is on the rise. 

Armourguard's dog education pilot programme is still in its infancy, but is already gaining great feedback.

Warwick says Armourguard also aims to make sure dogs are well-looked after. 

"Our dog control team does a lot of education work with dog owners.  For example, dogs don't bark lots because they are naughty; they bark because they are bored, anxious, lonely, poorly trained or overly territorial.  

"Educating owners is the first step to educating their dogs."

Sometimes re-homing ends up being the best approach for dogs and their owners.  Through its management of the Whangarei pound, Armourguard works with the SPCA to find new homes for abandoned and confiscated dogs, cats and other animals. 

Photo caption: Whangarei dog education team (from left): Karla Aekins and Scrappy with Aimee Waldron and Diesel 

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GPS Rollout

Fri, November 10, 2017

Last month Armourguard sought to roll out our new Cartrack GPS units across 230 of our Cash and Patrol vehicles nationwide. Our previous technology became outdated and the cost to upgrade it was uneconomical.

With Cartrack we were able to bring all of our GPS units into one platform at a much more competitive pricing structure. With Cartrack came richer reporting features including being able to report on the driving behaviour of our staff including:

  • Monitoring of speed in any speed zone (a new feature for us)
  • Heavy acceleration
  • Braking and G-Force giving us the visibility on how our drivers are using our vehicles both from a safety and cost perspective

Cartrack also has a specialised welfare module that has been downloaded into our National Welfare and Dispatch Centre, which alerts welfare operators of a duress situation by highlighting the vehicle on our monitoring screens and alerting the operator via a siren. This function is specifically an important tool for our cash business when we are transporting high value items.

Cartrack also has mobile tracking devices which are being used to track consignments in the event of a robbery.

The upgrade of our technology to Cartrack allows us to better manage the safety of our staff and the valuables of our clients. 

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A New Zealand First

Fri, November 03, 2017

Hiring a security company is one thing, but how do you know they are as good as they say they are? We've now got proof, having become New Zealand's first security company to pass a Protective Security Requirements (PSR) audit. 

The audit, which was conducted by the NZ Security Association, tested our alignment against the association's PSR Code of Conduct and assessed the degree to which our operations high professional standards are maintained, complied with our legal responsibilities and, consequently, helped to enhance the security industry's reputation. 

Not only did we pass with flying colors, but the NZSA's lead auditor commented that this was a fantastic achievement and reflected highly on our culture and commitment towards continuous improvement.

This audit is an important step for us and our customers, and we are delighted to lead our industry in achieving the PSR accreditation.

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Lifesaving effort awarded

Fri, October 27, 2017

The public-facing nature of our work means that Armourguard team members get to see all sides of people's lives – from the fun, to the unfortunate.

This year alone, several lives have been saved thanks to our people's actions.  One such incident resulted in Auckland-based Security Officer Adele Tuhega winning Highly Commended at the NZ Security Industry Awards in August this year – achieving a standing ovation from the award attendees in the process.

Adele's instinctive actions and quick response saved a young woman from committing suicide.  Adele, who provides security services at an Auckland train station, realised the woman was going to jump in front of a train.

She quickly restrained the woman, who tried to struggle free and follow through with the suicide attempt. After the incident Adele took her away from the platform and consoled her until emergency services arrived.

The following week the young woman’s mother could not stop calling and thanking Adele for her courageous actions in saving her daughter's life, calling Adele her daughter's guardian angel.

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Staying safe after hours

Fri, March 24, 2017

Taking a few simple precautions will help to keep your night staff safe on the job – no matter whether they’re working in a petrol station, convenience store, after-hours medical centre or fast food outlet.

The first step is to remove temptation if cash is usually kept on the premises. We have found that criminals are deterred by open, uncluttered environments that provide a clear, well-lit view of the sales or service area.

Limit public view and access to the cash register and have a separate, secure cash counting area.  Be sure to empty the till regularly and place the money in an on-site safe that ideally has a time delay lock or dual locking system.

Use signage to deter opportunists, and inform people that attendant staff cannot open the safe. Reduce your risk by having regular security cash pick-ups and advertising that fact that minimal cash is held on premises.

The second line of defence is to protect your business through good security systems and processes. 

Ensure any rear doors and windows are secure, and increase security on front entrances by installing electronic sensors that buzz or ring every time someone enters or leaves the premises.  Further enhance security by minimising the number of entrances / exits and creating exit barriers such as plants or furniture, which prevent someone easily running outside.

Use video surveillance to cover 'at risk' internal and external areas and display signs advising that video surveillance cameras are in use.

Installing detector lighting around entrances and exits, car parks and public routes to premises will help to deter loitering.

Ideally have more than one staff member working at night.  Protect late shift staff’s safety by operating a 'check-out' system where after hours staff call a colleague, friend or family member when they are about to leave the premises. Another option is to engage a security escort to accompany employees safely to their vehicles.

How good are your security arrangements for after-hours staff?  Call your local branch here for a free security audit.

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Gold standard safety: ACC tertiary accreditation

Fri, March 24, 2017

Taking responsibility for our people’s and our customers’ safety lies at the very heart of our business.  We recently took part in the ACC’s bi-annual independent workplace audit and were pleased to not only pass the audit, but also to be assessed as achieving to tertiary standard. 

This is the highest achievable ACC standard for Health and Safety practices and demonstrates that our workplace health and safety practices are outstanding.  It also aligns us with existing and prospective customers who are also gold-standard accredited.

Having said that, we’re not resting on our laurels and are always looking at ways of doing an even better job of keeping everyone safe – every day and in every way.

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Lots of useful info – so easy to action

Fri, March 24, 2017

Transdev Wellington’s Security Manager Dave Allan was involved in the initial Silvertrac user trial and says using the application has made things easier.

The organisation manages all of Wellington’s 48 railway stations, suburban rolling stock (Matangi Units) and associated infrastructure such as car parks and over-bridges, on behalf of Greater Wellington Regional Council.

“There’s much more to railway station security than people think,” says Dave.  “We not only have Armourguard patrols at and around our stations and infrastructure, but also between them.”

Dave has set up his Silvertrac to send him a report at 0700 hours every day. He goes through it and decides what needs further action or escalation.  On an average day, there would typically be between 40 - 100 incidents reported and issues to deal with.  Silvertrac also enables immediate escalation, by e-mail to relevant parties (at the guard's discretion).  The Rail Monitoring Centre uses the same application.

“The report provides very rich information, including photos that the patrol officers have attached to their incident and maintenance reports, all of which contributes to a richer intelligence picture."

“All I have to do is to then forward the reports and my instructions or updates on to whoever at my end needs to take action.  It could be a contractor, cleaner, Transdev employee or even the Police.  I can do this quickly and easily, ensuring that nothing accidently gets overlooked.”

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Armourguard receives 95% in our latest Health and Safety SiteWise audit

Thu, October 13, 2016

SiteWise is part of Site Safe New Zealand, one of the most influencial leaders in creating positive Health and Safety change in the industry. SiteWise is a prequalification system that many businesses use to evaluate potential suppliers health and safety capabilities in tendering situations. 

This year our Site Wise Certification was renewed by Site Wise and we recieved a 9% increase on our previous score of 86%.

We are now currently sitting in the top 20% of all SiteWise assessments.

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Graffiti quickly canned at Naenae Station

Tue, September 27, 2016

Being new into the Armourguard team didn’t get in the way of Security Officer Kristen Rostenberg taking fast and decisive action that led to three graffitists being apprehended.

Kristen’s role involves monitoring cameras on the Greater Wellington Regional Rail Network, and reporting incidents and issues as they occur. At the time of the incident, Armourguard’s Wellington team was only two weeks into a six-year contract to provide Transdev Wellington with guarding, patrols, train marshals, cash services, CCTV monitoring and surveillance, and special event guarding services.

The job got off to an eventful start for Kristen when the Naenae Railway Station Subway was hit by four instances of graffiti within three days.

He promptly advised the client after each event, providing detailed information that made it easy to locate the CCTV data quickly and get it to Police. It became clear that all the incidents had a common offender, who was accompanied by one of two other offenders.

One evening, a couple of days after the last event, Kristen spotted all three awaiting a train at another station so he quickly called the Police and advised them about the offences and where they could find the perpetrators. Three apprehensions quickly followed.

The client later wrote to say how impressed they were with Kristen’s powers of observation, diligence and willingness to go ‘the extra distance’ to do a great job

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Part of the Team

Tue, September 27, 2016

Security is so important to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) that it regards Armourguard personnel as being part of its own team.

We have been providing security services to MSD for several years. It is our largest Manned Services customer, utilising a quarter of our entire workforce!

Our guards perform a number of duties for MSD, including providing security at more than 140 Work and Income NZ (WINZ) offices and seven Child Youth and Family (CYF) residences nationwide.

Mark Painter (MSD’s Manager of Health, Safety and Security) says MSD has been impressed with Armourguard’s great service.

“Security has always been important to us. Our people and our clients need a high level of assurance that they can be safe and the Armourguard team provides that in a very professional and responsive way. Our WINZ and CYF residential home managers appreciate knowing that the guarding team have the right training and personal skills to keep everyone safe. We appreciate Armourguard's responsiveness and commitment to having a strong partnership with us.” 


Mark went on to say that MSD was impressed with how Armourguard rose to the major challenge of doubling its WINZ guard force almost overnight following last year’s tragic shooting at their Ashburton centre.

“That was a major ask and few – if any – other security companies would have been able to bring on and train so many new people in such a short time.”

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Supervisors central to superior service

Tue, September 27, 2016

Many ‘moving parts’ are involved in delivering excellent security services — from having a great team of frontline people, through to strong back-office support and the latest communication and reporting technology.

We believe there’s another important element — having a strong team of supervisors — and that is a point of difference between Armourguard and many of our competitors.

In all we have nearly 60 supervisors in our guard, patrols and cash businesses nationwide. Supervisors have busy jobs because they are the interfaces between our frontline people, the customers and the company.

It can be tempting to cut out the middle layer so as to gain cost-efficiencies, but we feel this is false economy because the trade-off is less efficient and effective service. That’s why we have invested in ensuring our supervisors have the right knowledge and skills to ensure we deliver excellent service.

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Mon, April 25, 2016

Security Officer Nathan Lauaki is doing such a great job at an Auckland mall that one of the shop owners wrote to say how much he is pleased and satisfied with Nathan’s performance.

The shop owner commented that Nathan is friendly but strictly follows the correct guidelines and never compromise the rules; he also skillfully handles situations that arise.

Every day, dozens of Armourguard security officers support retail and shopping mall owners around New Zealand in providing a safe and pleasant environment and shopping experience for their customers. 

Our guarding team do far more than simply keeping the peace; they are valuable ambassadors for the malls.

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Mon, April 18, 2016

Having the right people on the job can make the difference between good – and a great – security service delivery. The old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is every bit as true in security as it is in other industries.  That’s why it’s important to look beyond price alone when choosing a security services provider. When you focus on quality – and all of the training, processes and best practices that make it happen – then it will become clear who the low-cost, poor performance contenders are.

Having quality expectations and being prepared to pay a fair price for the job will help you to select a security provider that can truly support and execute on your security needs. When your employees and property are on the line, it’s important to be able to trust that you have the right team on your side.

Contact us to find out more about how we can do a great job of protecting your people, property and possessions.

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Mon, April 11, 2016

Both centres’ spacious new offices have been fitted out especially for their needs and also provide a far more professional environment in which to host visitors.

We have purchased the premises in both cases, demonstrating that Evergreen (our United States-based owner) has a long-term commitment to Armourguard and our customers.

Here are our contact details (note that only the physical addresses have changed – all other details remain the same):

Auckland office:

5 Kellow Place, Wiri, Auckland 2104

PO Box 11184, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542

Phone: (09) 580 8000

Palmerston North:

47 Bennett Street, Cloverlea, Palmerston North 4412

Box 1502, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston  North 4440

Phone: (06) 357 0607

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Mon, April 04, 2016
More than 200 Armourguard security officers from Auckland, Hamilton and New Plymouth did a great job keeping the arriving and departing crowds flowing smoothly at the NRL Auckland 9’s on 6 and 7 February.
Around 37,000 fans attended the event, held at Auckland’s Eden Park.
The team’s role was to ensure patrons taking trains and buses to the event arrived and departed safely.
It was a big job, particularly at the end, but they rose to the challenge and ushered 12,000 people safely onto trains within 40 minutes of the game finishing.
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Mon, March 28, 2016

Armourguard recently passed a NZ Security Association (NZSA) audit with flying colours.

The Association is this country’s largest representative body for the security industry. Its independent audits are designed to provide a quality assurance for its members’ customers by enabling security businesses and their operations to be compared against the NZSA’s Codes of Practice.

Importantly the audit process also brings areas for improvement to the security company’s  attention.

Unfortunately not all security companies are audited, so it really is a case of ‘buyer beware’ for those who are using an unaudited provider’s services.

We’re pleased to say that Armourguard received excellent feedback when we passed our audit. Not that this came as any surprise because we know we have a great team and a great business - but it was good to have the NZSA’s independent endorsement of what we already knew to be true!

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Mon, March 21, 2016

It will be more important than ever for businesses to make sure that employees and contractors know how to work safely once stronger health and safety regulations come into force on 4 April.

Amongst other things, the law will place greater onus on ‘PCBUs’ (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) to keep employees and others safe in relation to the work being done. In the case of security services, both Armourguard and our customers are PCBUs.

We believe that, as a security services provider, we provide an important interface between our customers, their customers and employees, and our own employees.

Even though the law does not classify security services as being of high risk, our frontline people perform important roles in what can quickly escalate into challenging situations. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we and our people are well and truly ready for the new law.

This is so much so that we have received feedback that our health and safety systems are leading the field in New Zealand’s security industry. Furthermore, we are also ACC accredited, as well as Prequal and Site Safe accredited – with scores of 87% and 86%   respectively.

Even though a score of 75% is considered excellent, we are looking  at ways to further strengthen what are already outstanding health and safety practices

Anthony Wildish – (Senior Supervisor EHS and Compliance,  Armourguard Security)

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Wed, March 02, 2016

Big quake all in a (busy) day’s work for Christchurch team.

It was the biggest earthquake in several years, but the Christchurch team took the Valentine’s Day quake in their stride and won high praise from customers in the process.

Ben Wooding, who manages Armourguard’s central and lower South Island regions, says everyone quickly swung into action after the shaking  stopped.

All of the alarms started going off and our people ended up attending 80 activations in a three-hour period, compared to the normal five or  six.

What’s more, our Patrol team had to go and physically check a customer’s 21 bank sites throughout Canterbury – some of which were up to 150 km away, says Ben.

And what a great job they did – so much so that several customers got in touch to thank the Armourguard team for their great work in checking their  sites.

Ben says everyone has learned to quickly get on with things after an earthquake, despite it admittedly being a nerve-wracking experience

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Evergreen Appoints General Manager

Thu, February 26, 2015

Evergreen International today announced Ian Anderson’s appointment as its General Manager of Evergreen International NZ & Fiji.

This role has direct oversight of Armourguard Security in New Zealand, and Evergreen Fire and Security Fiji.  Ian will be responsible for ensuring both businesses’ guarding and cash infrastructure, IT systems, and people operations continue to deliver high quality, high value service to customers.

Ian has longstanding security industry experience, including six years as General Manager for Armourguard and ADT Security in New Zealand and Fiji when both businesses were owned by Tyco.

It is an exciting time for Evergreen in this part of the world and Ian’s appointment will provide even greater support and focus to the continued development of our businesses.

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Tips for Businesses these holidays

Fri, December 05, 2014

Businesses can adopt some simple measures to help protect their properties from burglars over the holiday season - our busiest time for alarm call outs.

Summer shutdowns and skeleton staff levels provide opportunities for unwelcome visitors.  It is important that businesses take time to carefully evaluate their security measures to avoid having finding their premises have been damaged or broken into. 

The best defence is prevention and planning to make premises unappealing to burglars. 

Some simple steps to keep your premises secure over the coming weeks include:

  1. Arrange additional mobile security checks during the day.
  2. Arrange to check on the welfare of staff working alone over the holiday period.
  3. Check your access control configuration for the statutory days and shutdown periods.
  4. Put mail, courier deliveries, daily newspapers and milk deliveries on hold.
  5. Make sure all windows and doors are properly closed and locked.
  6. Secure all vehicles, plant and equipment.
  7. Messages indicating your business is unattended will alert opportunist burglars, monitoring your calls remotely or contracting an answering service are good alternatives.
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Celebrations to avoid noise complaints

Fri, December 05, 2014

With the party season in full swing, our noise control officers are gearing up for a peak in noise complaints that come from the many Christmas and New Year celebrations.

While many people like to throw Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, there are just as many people that look forward to a quiet peaceful break and many others who will still be working.  Party Hosts can adopt some simple measures to avoid disgruntled neighbours and protect their celebrations from noise complaints:

  1. Be considerate towards your neighbours. Maintain a reasonably moderate level of music and noise, and reduce volume levels after midnight.
  2. Inform your neighbours about your party or even invite them to it! They are less likely to complain if they are prepared for the event or are attending.
  3. Establish a set end time for the party and make sure everyone is aware of it.
  4. Don’t allow guests to stand around in groups outside the venue in residential areas as groups talking often become very loud.
  5. As it gets later in the evening shut doors and windows and encourage people to move indoors to minimise noise from escaping.
  6. Consider hiring a professional security officer to provide assistance in dealing with any disruptive behaviour that may contribute to noise levels.
  7. Keep an eye on your guests and how much they are drinking. Be prepared to take action if things get out of control.
  8. Wind-up the party by gradually turning down the music.
  9. At the end of the night, encourage guests to go home quietly and not linger outside the venue or in surrounding streets.

Know the Rules:

  • The Resource Management Act 1991 is the main control over noise in New Zealand.
  • Under The Resource Management Act 1991, when a noise control officer attends to a complaint they must decide whether the noise is excessive.
  • Excessive noise is defined as any noise that is under human control and of such a nature as to unreasonably interfere with the peace, comfort and convenience of any person.
  • When investigating a complaint, if the attending noise control officer believes the noise is excessive they will issue a direction notice to the person responsible for the source of the noise to reduce the noise to a reasonable level. This may be done verbally or in writing.
  • This direction must be enforced in most cases for 72 hours. If this is breached and excessive noise continues, a noise control officer accompanied by a Police Officer may take any steps necessary to stop the noise. This usually includes but is not limited to: seizing the source of the noise e.g. a stereo, removing parts from a noise source or locking up the noise source so it can’t be used.
  • Breaching a noise direction can lead to an instant infringement notice fine of $500 or a fine of up to $10,000 after prosecution.
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On duty at Whangarei Hospital

Mon, November 03, 2014

The Northland District Health Board has appointed Armourguard as its security provider.

Northland District Health Board plays a critical role delivering health services to the people of Northland.  That role is demanding given the circumstances that people can find themselves in when seeking healthcare services - patients, families, friends and hospital staff can at times be under great stress.  So its important the security team on the ground at Whangarei Hospital reflects the community, is empathetic and provides a reassuring presence to create a sense of safety and security for all.

Armourguard’s Northland Regional Manager Warwick Taylor says “we are particularly keen to introduce our specialist health security model built up over decades in the health sector elsewhere in the country, and provide real value to the Northland community”.

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Award winning effort

Fri, October 17, 2014

Congratulations to our Hutt City Safe City Ambassador team, who recently won a Safe City award for their contribution towards reducing alcohol related harm in Hutt City.

The team reduce problems in public spaces and provide support to people in the community.  Patrolling Hutt City's hotspots from 1400 hours to 0100 hours every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  They check a range of sites, alerting police to antisocial or criminal behaviour, reporting graffiti and lighting that is not working.  They also help members of the public with everything from providing directions, to assisting people who feel unsafe.

Team leader Lawrence Joe say the Safe City Ambassadors have become well-known and respected by Police, retailers and the public:  "we all enjoy helping to make Hutt City a safer place".

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All aboard

Mon, September 01, 2014

From today Armourguard is providing guards at Auckland's train stations (including Britomart), bus stations and ferry terminals as part of the Auckland Transport security contract.  We will also be escorting parking wardens, patrolling all Auckland Transport facilities and providing specialist staff for events such as the Auckland Santa Parade.

Mark O'Brien Armourguard General Manager Manned Services says "this is a great opportunity for Armourguard to assist the community and Auckland Transport help people get to where they want to be, when they want to be there."

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New owner for Armourguard

Thu, December 05, 2013

Evergreen Capital, a New York-based investment firm has purchased Armourguard.

Armourguard is the only New Zealand business in Evergreen’s portfolio, which also includes companies from Fiji, Europe and the United States.  Its businesses operate in the telecommunications, real estate, chemicals and plastics, and automated payment processing sectors.

General Manager Cash Services Brian Pickering says 'this is good news for Armourguard and our customers because it gives us far more say in the way our business runs.  As a result, we can now more rapidly respond to customers’ needs and market opportunities.  The nature of our business remains unchanged, we continue to be one of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted security services providers, offering cash management and transit, guard and patrol services nationwide."

At present we have more than 1700 permanent employees, and many hundreds more who work for us on a temporary or casual basis.  Armourguard has 14 branches, which are based in: Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Hawke’s Bay, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.

The business is headed by a management group that consists of:  Mark O’Brien (Manned Services), Brian Pickering (Cash Services), Shane O’Halloran (Risk, Health and Safety, and Human Resources), Nick Thomson (Finance) and Ian Anderson (Business Improvement).

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